Environmental Associates, Ltd.

Analytical Services

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) Analyses

Analysis for total airborne fiber concentrations is provided for ambient air quality samples. Our laboratory utilizes current NIOSH 7400 methodology along with stringent control measures.


Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) Analyses

Services include the identification of asbestos bulk material samples utilizing current E.P.A. methodology. Analyses are also provided for other general material identification and characterization needs by our experienced microscopy staff. Forensic Microscopy applications are also available for fiber identification and particulate projects.

Environmental Chemistry

JMS provides analyses for a variety of environmental applications. Analytical services include Leaking Underground Storage Tank (PNA, BTEX), Environmental (Lead, Air, Soil, Paint, Dust), RCRA-Metals (including mercury), and hazardous waste profiling (TCLP). All analytical work is performed by experienced chemists on state of the art instrumentation.


Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Program

To ensure that JMS delivers an impartial and high quality service to our clients without compromising the integrity of data produced, a multifaceted quality system consisting of quality control, quality assessment and quality assurance components will be implemented. We also participate in proficiency testing programs that are administered by independent third party organizations and governmental agencies. Inter-laboratory sample exchange analysis is performed on a routine basis for our Polarized Light Microscopy and Phase Contrast Methodologies. Further details on the JMS QA/QC Program can be directed to the Environmental Director or the QA/QC Manager.