Environmental Associates, Ltd.

Field Services

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

JMS offers services which include complete air quality monitoring for asbestos abatement projects and ambient periodic air monitoring in both the private and public sector. Field technicians utilize current state of the art monitoring equipment in accordance with all current agency rules and regulations. All of our field staff members are certified and trained as air sampling professionals.

Asbestos/Environmental Project Management

Services include on-site asbestos/environmental project management for both private and public projects. Our project managers are all U.S. E.P.A. certified and licensed. We feel our experience and expertise has consistently benefitted our clients during remediation projects. Extensive project documentation is processed to produce a final project report for use by the owner.

Building Survey and Inspection Services

AHERA accredited personnel identify and quantify all asbestos containing materials associated with a property. Visual inspection services are combined with bulk material collection and analysis to provide an accurate material identification for our clients.


Hazard Assessment and Management Planning Services

Services include the use of AHERA accredited personnel to provide systematic hazard and risk assessment of asbestos containing materials and other hazardous materials present in a building complex. Also included are accurate cost estimates developed from the prioritized assessment.

Hazardous Material and Waste Consulting

JMS provides environmental consulting for the identification of unknown and hazardous materials. These services also provide the client with up-to-date and current U.S. E.P.A. guidelines and regulations, along with assistance in obtaining permits and waste generation application.

Worker Training and Safety Programs

Written programs are developed or brought up to date to provide overall guidance for health and safety protection at specific project sites or through a corporation. Education classes are also provided by experienced professionals to meet requirements of federal standards. Training of workers in the proper handling of chemicals, respiratory protection, and use of other personal protection equipment for asbestos, noise, etc., is presented and documented in an easy to understand format.

Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene Services

Services include the air sampling of office and residential indoor environments for contaminants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, fibers, dust, ozone, ammonia, formaldehyde, radon, and asbestos. The presence of elevated levels of biological agents such as bacteria, fungi, and molds can also be determined. Industrial hygiene services are also available for particular industrial operations or processes.

Environmental Property Audits and Assessments

Properties are evaluated for environmental problems and the associated financial liability this represents for investors and owners. Services  include preparation of Phase I and II assessment surveys and supervision for Phase III remediation operations.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Investigation Surveys

Services include the complete investigation for the presence of underground storage tanks and potentially contaminated soil and groundwater. The collection and analysis of soil and groundwater samples for Phase II and Phase III remediation projects are performed by our in-house trained technical staff.

Lead Contamination Surveys

Specific surveys for lead contamination are provided for commercial and residential concerns. Sampling for lead in dust, paint and water, coupled with an in-house analytical capability, provides quality technical data. Consulting is also provided for specific environmental projects offering professional advice into remediation and Operations & Maintenance alternatives.


Water and Wastewater Testing

Services include sampling and analysis for water pollutants in commercial, residential, and school environments. Professional recommendations are provided from the results of such services for the private and commercial industries.